It matters who and where we are, in local context.  

This influences what we notice, how we feel about the place where we live, and how change happens here. 

The place of focus for the Sarasota Community Studio is our Central-Cocoanut neighborhood in the
Newtown community of the city of Sarasota, Florida.  This is a neighborhood of 47 blocks, located

  • 4 blocks west of the heart of Newtown
  • 10 blocks north of downtown Sarasota
  • 1 block east of Sarasota Bay.

To understand our place, we pay attention both to

THE LIVED EXPERIENCE of being a neighbor here and
AGGREGATE DATA from sources like the U.S. Census, School District and Health Department.

Together as neighbors, 

  • We find the story behind the data.
  • We make sense of the patterns in the data.
  • We transform the data into information into knowledge into wisdom.

We do this in order to make informed decisions and take action together as neighbors.  

And we do it by following the lead of neighborkids.