At the Studio, neighborkids and adult neighbors are creating new approaches to:


Making the neighborhood even better by:  

  • Neighborhood scavenger hunting to explore and discover neighborhood strengths
  • Planning & hosting neighborhood celebrations and traditions
  • Strengthening neighborhood leadership
  • Gathering together for discussion, sense-making, decision-making and action

Growing neighborhood knowledge by:  

  • Regularly collecting information to find out:  Who are our neighbors?  How’s everybody doing?  What’s going on around here?  What do neighbors believe could make things even better?
  • Sharing findings through stories, pictures, maps, charts & presentations that help to myth-bust, change the how people talk about the neighborhood, and make decisions
community_talent development-01-01.png

Realizing the potential of neighborkids by:

  • Discovering the talents & capacities of each neighborkid
  • Offering talent agents for each neighborkid to help them keep growing into their greatness
  • Establishing a Neighborkid Fan Club to acknowledge and affirm the brilliance and hard work of neighborkids
  • Working together with adult neighbors to make our neighborhood even better

Connecting and increasing power for change by:

  • Creating neighborhood newspapers – written, published & delivered by neighbors
  • Spreading the word through conversations, websites & phones
  • Consulting to schools, churches, service providers, government & others