How will we spot signs of THRIVING
in our neighborhood?

Regarding NEIGHBORKIDS:   We will find ways to notice signs that kids are:

Happy and Emotionally Grounded

  • Experiencing happiness and joy every day
  • Expressing confidence and hope in themselves and the people around them
  • Feeling attached to their neighborhood and community
  • Developing self-control of their full range of feelings 


  • Expressing a hunger for learning every day
  • Developing self-control of their full range of thinking abilities (skills like concentration, memory, planning and problem-solving)
  • Being ready for Kindergarten when they start school
  • Attending school every day
  • Learning to read by 3rd Grade, & then reading to learn beyond 3rd Grade
  • Developing math and conceptual skills consistent with their overall abilities
  • Getting high grades
  • Getting promoted every year
  • Graduating from High School and moving on to college or other options they choose

In Loving Relationships

  • Having a special somebody who is crazy about them -- not only in their family but also in their neighborhood 
  • Having close friends
  • Being in two-way relationships that are kind-hearted, respectful and supportive
  • Being able to live with family even during tough times (as reflected in low rates of children removed from their homes and placed in foster care)


  • Regularly sharing thoughts and feelings and actively helping out to make the neighborhood even better
Regarding THE NEIGHBORHOOD:   We will find ways to notice signs of our neighborhood’s well-being in terms of:


  • Homes that are affordable and in good shape so neighbors do not need to move so often
  • Few vacant homes
  • Renters rights respected and upheld


  • High employment rate
  • Enough family income 

Social Justice

  • Strong sense of fairness and justice
  • Low crime and arrest rates

The Vibe

  • Welcoming, kid-friendly atmosphere sensed by all neighborkids and fellow neighbors
  • Deep recognition of the rich cultural history of our neighborhood and our Newtown community
  • Diversity of social opportunities open to all neighbors 
  • Enhanced beauty of the neighborhood