Adult Neighbors

In Central-Cocoanut there are so many adult neighbors who believe in the greatness of neighborkids and are important people in the lives of children who live here – not just their own family members, but other neighborkids too.  

These are some of the adult neighbors who are special to neighborkids.  


One thing that makes our neighborhood special is that so many neighbors are kids, since Central-Cocoanut has a much higher proportion of children than most neighborhoods in Sarasota. In the 47 blocks that make up our neighborhood there are about 500 kids up to age 18.  300 of these kids are up to age 10 and 175 are up to age 5. 

AND -- the children of Central-Cocoanut are genuine  


By neighborkids we mean kids who are taking up their identity as neighbors to make our neighborhood even better than it already is.  Neighborkids are naturally inclined to be curious, playful, friendly and joyful, and they are great story-tellers and boundary-crossers too.  These are the very qualities that make for talented community changemakers and social innovators.  That’s why in Central-Cocoanut we follow the lead of neighborkids!  

These are some of the neighborkids who are making our Central-Cocoanut neighborhood even greater.  

Studio Folks

When neighbors of Central-Cocoanut established Sarasota Community Studio as a hub for neighborkid-oriented efforts, a staff and board were identified, including:

Jessie McGee – Housing
Juan Torres - Facilities
Ladis Colon - Spanish Translation
Tim Dutton - Co-Executive Director
Allison Pinto – Co-Executive Director

Adrielle Langston 
Quinlan Peterson 
Glenda Williams
Barbara Stroud
John McKnight
Tim Dutton
Allison Pinto 

See THE STUDIO section for further details about the staff and board.