Welcome to the Studio:

A creative space
where neighbors come together
around the talents of neighborkids
to invent powerful approaches to community change
so that every child and the neighborhood are thriving.


have been making tremendous contributions in our Central-Cocoanut neighborhood for the past four years -- both to the neighborhood and to the broader community. (Of course, kids have been making a difference around here for generations – it’s just that we’ve been paying close attention over the past four years!)  In a rich variety of ways kids have revealed their talents as neighbors, and they already have invented creative approaches to community that are not yet seen anywhere else in the country.  

The Studio

is a neighborhood response that builds upon these contributions by following the lead of neighborkids.  

Established and run by neighbors

as first investors, it is a place where neighborkids and adults together create new approaches to:

Community Building
Community Information
Talent Development
Information Sharing

for the sake of the neighborhood, and for the sake of our broader community.   

Approaches that focus on what
neighbors can do together,

rather than focusing on what people and organizations outside our neighborhood
can do.

Approaches that focus on
neighborkid talents

so that kids here are constantly growing into their greatness.  

This is an act of splendid audacity:   

We aim to be the first neighborhood
where every child and the whole neighborhood are thriving
because together as neighbors we are
following the lead of neighborkids!


Thriving isn’t exactly a word you hear much on the block, but we’re claiming it for our neighborhood because it’s what we’re all about.  It’s a single word we can use to talk about constantly growing into our greatness here – as individuals and together.